A “rich and expressive performer.” –  The Daily Page, Madison, WI

Blake’s pieces “reach for the heavens with huge sweeping choruses, swelling crescendos, top-of-lungs gang vocals, and an emphasis on tribal percussion … They pound their way through a lot of these tunes, whipping the stringed instruments and gentle croonings into a frenzy of dance and chants” – Mostly Midwest, Kalamazoo MI

“A singer from Michigan with more personality and character than literally any other American I’ve ever encountered.” – RouteNote, Cornwall, UK

Blake’s music “promotes introspection and thought, bringing us back to the things in life that truly are important.” – Ethan Hahn, Soundplot

Morgan’s music is “fantastically simple and yet intricate”Songbird 

“Blake Morgan has a rare talent and the wherewithal to do something with it.” – Steve Gilmore, Rebelriffs